Cavicam Co

Developing purpose built tools for optical imaging of plant stress, growth and damage.


Cavicams are time-lapse cameras for the Raspberry Pi that capture images of a subject at ~30x magnification for a configurable duration and interval e.g. images captured every 5 minutes for a duration of 4 hours. Originally developed to capture images of leaf and stem xylem for cavitation imaging (hence the name), the device can also be used as a high-resolution optical dendrometer to capture the shrinkage and swelling of plant organs e.g. stems, leaves, roots and petioles (see Optical Dendrometry for more information).

Key Features

  • Bright illumination above or below the sample.
  • Fixed image capture settings (ISO, shutterspeed etc) to ensure consistent pixel colour and brightness for stack image analysis.
  • Clamping mechanism with soft and durable rubber pads to eliminate or substantially reduce movement without damaging the sample.
  • ~30x magnification of 10mm2 visible area.
  • All aspects of configuration and control via a web-based administration interface.
  • Integrates a Raspberry Pi (version 3b and above) for storage and configuration. Comes with OpenCV and Python pre-installed.
  • Camera is the Raspberry Pi Camera v2 with an 8MP resolution (image size 2592×1944 pixels).
  • Can be used for xylem cavitation imaging, optical dendrometry and as a general use time-lapse camera.
  • As a dendrometer, the device can monitor shrinkage/swelling and water use in a range of herbaceous and woody species.
  • Developed by researchers for researchers with broad applications in plant physiology, agriculture, ecology and many other fields.
  • Holes for attaching straps and custom mounting brackets
  • Proven application in a number of publications in top quality journals.